What’s Wrong With Us?

Why are we like this? I’m truly asking this question its not a rhetoric question. It’s just something that was brought to my attention the other day when I was walking down the road with a friend of mine.

We were happily discussing the various funny events of that evening when our attention was drawn to the traffic on that particular street. There was a parade of vehicles all shapes sizes and models combined and among them a big white ambulance. The siren blowing away and the cars probably taking it to be cue to park themselves more closely trapping it even more. Whoever was in that ambulance chose a very unfortunate time in the year to be sick or hurt in Mumbai. How could he? People have to know that falling ill in this weather would do them no good. Maybe he forgot that there was more important a battle to be fought than of life and death, the fight to reach a hospital through the Mumbai traffic on a rainy Mumbai night at 8 o’ clock. Oh my god! Its impossible to drive a sexy Ferrari, which being a fan I think should be given free reign to be driven around anywhere on the street, let alone a white big ambulance, which btw has nothing remotely appealing about it except the life inside of it waiting, but well that will be discussed  later.

So is it really his fault come to think of it. Most of our illnesses are caused by us. Eating something bad, jay walking, rough driving or just a simple case of absent mindedness, those factors aside if someone has decided to be well “not so careful” shouldn’t we at least be considerate enough to at least move aside to give that human a chance at survival rather piling on in front of an ambulance to rub his face into his misfortune. That’s why I want to go back to my first question- why are we like this? I don’t mean we the people. I mean we the Indian people specifically. Inexperienced as I am about the ways the world outside my country I would rather not comment on their habits but my common sense does nag me sometimes when I see our behaviour on some issues. I wonder why not more people be bothered by their common sense after all it’s the same two kilograms of brain that we all carry and also belonging to the same species similar mental capacity. Logic tells me that a siren was given the most unbearable and loud musical notes to play for one simple reason, it had to be annoying enough to draw attention immediately. That purpose failed on that particular occasion as it has on many previous occasions because no one took notice of the waiting vehicle shouting at hordes of cars that it was an emergency. Maybe a human life was at stake. Maybe not.  People in those cars didn’t bother to make any space for it. Most of them unscathed by the thought of others. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration of our complacency but it is true to some extent that we, the people, don’t care. We, the people, are so self obsessed and so unmindful of others that at times its others get hurt. At others we ourselves fall victims. 

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