Walking Alone

Being surrounded with people all the time can be over- whelming. Walk is the best way to clear your mind. Nothing special required. A few bucks, a phone, if you want to stay connected to the world and music if you, like me, hate the city noise and not interested in listening to any disturbing thoughts in your head. What began as a short walk around my area just to get some fresh air ended up being a 2 hour long walk. Since the lanes are so familiar to me having walked along them for past three years I just need to decide which direction to begin with. Then I just follow my feet wherever they turn. Somehow through those twists and turns my brain calmed down and whatever the hell I was angry for passed away. Then I began to enjoy the process of randomly walking anywhere. Went to my favourite juice place. Met their cute dog enjoyed a glass of juice. Started walking to a new stop which I didn’t honestly know was what? The philosophical mindset that I was in told me that I should take the train ahead. The fact that I like going alone in empty  trains looking at all the weird people and weird surroundings also played an important part in my decision to take the train. Next step was thinking of the destination. Which honestly wasn’t that difficult. Which is the farthest place I can go to by train from this station where I will not feel alone or scared? Chatrapati Shivaji terminus was the obvious answer. Best part of the city. Old and beautiful with the Victorian architecture. That place always draws me in a way no part of the city does. Somehow with the number of people around that place it’s difficult to rise up over everything else and just look at the buildings. The saree hanging from building or the spit marks around the lion’s head or sheer poverty in face of the royal arches is what makes town so fascinating for me. One has to appreciate all parts of town to understand the beauty of that area.

Next thought was I was hungry. What to do? Mc Donald’s, another contrasting feature of the building its surrounded by, was the answer. Between history, the franchise that surely contradicts the outlook of that place, a symbol of modernization, largest eating joint chain. Well that’s not the only reason I chose it. It was  actually, the first thing I saw, right in front of the station. Anyway after I got the food, sitting and eating there alone seemed pretty dull to my adrenaline pumped feet which were in the mood for exploring. So, I started on my walk around the area looking at people busy with their lives, rushing from one place to the other and doing what not. After a point of time going criss- cross around the excess volume of people can be seriously annoying. When that point came I took my package back and got into the return train.

Pro of being alone is that you can be anybody. Whatever you do, there’s no one to judge, since no one knows you. I was the happy hyper girl in the city. Walking at my own pace without the worry of whether my friends would like to do something or not. Talking to random strangers. Sharing fries with some lady who had nothing to eat. A kid who was extremely happy to get an empty glass of coke from me probably because of ice water or probably that made for some kind of toy. When I walked back from station I was thoroughly happy with the time I spent. Completely refreshed and over any bad feelings that I had. I ran into my friends on the way back. The shock on hearing that I went all the way there alone was kind of shocking for me. Since I hate depending on someone for happiness it’s not that big a deal for me to go somewhere alone. There are a few cons to being alone. First and foremost of course would be that time spent with friends is always good. Sharing some happy moments with friends is always fun. You can’t go completely crazy and sing in chorus alone of course. Singing in chorus means you should have company, like the other day when few us burst out singing ‘hey there, Delilah’, at the cold coffee place we frequently visit.

It’s good to take time out from people. It helps in firstly getting clear in the head and secondly, sometimes the feeling of seeing the face of those people after a long time is nice. Loner is not my adjective. It’s too strong a word. I hate not having people to talk to and always get restless when someone is not talking to me or not replying properly. Since that was the word my friends used for me I will stick to it. Everyone should try it. There was line in one of my favorite movies, “If all of us are alone in what we do then we are together in that too.”

In that walk I actually saw how many people are walking around the city alone. Sometimes out of desperation or occupational hazard or rarely like me just to see the world and escape from theirs’.

All in all it was a good experience.

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