Silver Lining

Once upon a time the world was perfect,

When the sun rose and set in the right place,

The day would begin and end with a smile,

The flowers would bloom and birds would chirp,

All you would want is all what you have.

This utopian dream was broken

When she opened her eyes

Her heart became wary

For what she saw was the opposite if the place she dreamed of.

There was sickness and there was pain and lust

The simple cruelty of her fellow beings pinched her out of her dream.

She spent the whole night crying for it was too much to absorb.

How could they let this happen?

Then someone pointed out to her;

The mother’s smile holding her new born baby

The lovers sharing their first kiss

The pride of the child looking at the world sitting on the top of his father’s shoulders

The smile on the face of an old couple worn out but still happy with each other.

Her tears stopped and she smiled.

Yes, she realized, there is still hope for us

We may choose to see sadness or choose to see happiness

Neither means the other doesn’t exist, she thought.

But as long as we can love, And as long as we care to care

There is a silver lining.

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