Pursuit of answers

What is and what should be ?
Is it any different?
Why can’t it be as it should be?
Sir, where will I find the answers?
Or am I asking the wrong questions?
Why is there no answer?
Who should I ask?
What is my purpose?
What is your’s, for that matter?
Why can’t we walk together?
Isn’t our ultimate destination the same?
Do you know the right way?
Will you lead me?
Will we succeed?
Should we keep looking till we find what we are looking for?
Shouldn’t we just wait?
We have done our bit, now is the result in our hands?
Maybe solutions aren’t so far.
Maybe we are looking in the wrong direction.
Maybe we should dig deeper.
Maybe we should stop talking, and start listening.
Maybe we should look harder.
Or maybe we should stop looking and start seeing!

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