My Love

When I saw you walk towards me

I knew right then this feeling was love.

This feeling was of wonder and joy that I’m alive.

This feeling was freedom and bondage.

Freedom from pain and bondage to you.

Your arms were open and the promise of a dream that can never be broken hung in the air.

My love is grand and made superior by your presence.

I have no desire to fight this world and nothing will be worth fighting for, if not for you.

My love you make me a better person.

Your kindness makes me love the whole universe for it has you.

When we come together there is no ache in my soul.

I get a purpose and it is to be alive with you.

Your thoughts are mine and my life is yours.

Do what you like with it for it no longer is of use to me.

We hold each other in the chaotic universe;

Not drifting off into space; not falling off into nothingness.

There’s no presence more important than yours;

And no touch purer than yours.

When we depart I hope we are together.

For no suffering would be greater than an existence without you.

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