Road to Clean Future

I thought I’ll go for a walk,
Do what has been recommended by countless doctors.
My environmentalist friends also suggest to cut down emissions and take a cleaner way out.
It was shocking to see there was no road to carry me!
There was only filth, garbage and fleas.
The evidence of growing consumers and a growing country was visible on the road.
Yes, we get a daily supply of chips, milk, chocolates and biscuits;
But do we need to display them on the road comparing our consumption pattern with our neighbours?
Yes, we discovered polythene.
But do we need it to be scattered everywhere blocking our drains to declare it’s supremacy?
The unprecedented amount and the unbelievable stench was not from the garbage.
It was the evidence of a dying species, unwilling to lift a finger to change its fate.
I should’ve stepped out earlier;
Should’ve cared to know what happens to my discarded goods?
Now I’m back in my house wondering,
Why I waited for it all to pile up?
My God says “Vasudev Kutumbkam” so the whole world is our home.
My prayer says I believe in His words;
So am I a hypocrite or an ignorant fellow or simply a victim of someone else’s inability?
I think it’s time to finish the walk,
Soak in the damage I’ve done to my poor and uncomplaining environment;
Maybe choke in on the stench because that’s what I deserve.
I hope it’s not too late to alter my ways;
Make amends to my mistakes;
Maybe alone I can initiate a change.

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