When the joker dies, the joke still remains…


Batman…..Batman!!! Can somebody tell me what kind of world do we live in

Where a man dressed as a bat gets all of my press???

Huh??? You people think I am just another freak trying to steal your money?? Well , ummmm, you see this is where you are wrong….u see it`s not about money, it`s all about sending a message. I am not a heart, spade, club or diamond…umm.. I am not your average 8 or 9..i am neither a king nor queen.. I am, you see, I am just here to play my games…

Ummm you wanna know what I think???

I may look like a clown to you but it`s you people who are the real make – up artists…you people with your rules and beliefs and plans…you project yourself as morally uncomplicated…

Ha ha ha ha ha… I umm I give you your life in your…

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