The Burden of Happiness

If I wanted to keep everyone happy, wouldn’t I have to be a large man with a big belly sporting a red suit and white long beard?

Just thinking.

Do you know how many people we meet everyday? I don’t. Although I am sure its a large number. We meet them, talk to them and share our randomest ideas- bonding in the process. That’s nice. No pressure. And then one day you get up to realize that some people are just never going to be happy with you. Whatever you do….whatever you say…..they are simply unimpressed and curse you unrelentingly. What to do in such a situation? Recently I was asked this. I was like hmmmmmm…..

Lets think about it for a second. Lets ponder over what’s really going in here. Mr XYZ is a selfish prick and inconsiderate bastard and somehow he says you are inadequate. Really??? Doesn’t that sound a little bit odd to you? Is it really hard to figure out where the actual fault lies?

From my own experiences of people who have made me feel as small as Earth when seen from Pluto (it cant be seen, so you get how small am I talking about?) I know that at some point of time you need to get up and use those two amazing words that seem to drive home the point completely- “Fuck Off” !!! Irrespective of whether you are actually confronting them or saying it mentally to them, it makes a big difference. Suddenly you stop feeling claustrophobic in their presence and the burden of happiness is somehow shifted from your shoulders.

There is a reason why a great writer or not so great one came up with “you are as big as you feel” because you actually are! Being humans we are somehow looking for validation of our actions and thoughts in someone else but then there has to be a limit to your tolerance for bull shit. Take your time and figure out if  his short coming s are not getting transferred to you (I use his loosely here. Its not gender specific. People can be morons and still belong to any gender. )

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