It sounds like horrible but its not just that. Its a word I have come up with to describe a situation where one adjective is just not enough. It is the mind numbing situation where everything is wrong and is progressively becoming worse and the only light at the end of the tunnel is the light from an incoming train! It is a combination of the three most commonly used words in my vocabulary (I am a little foul mouthed generally)- Fucking Disgusting and Horrible= FUGUSTIBLE! Genius right?

The story behind this is not important. Now that you know meaning, you can understand it was a pretty fugustible situation. The trouble with me is I love words. The long words to make the sentences sound prettier and not necessarily more sensible or not even more comprehensive, just long and beautiful. We have all mastered the language to some extent in our childhood and yet the process of learning a language is never ending. When I am in a dull situation I can easily go in that place in mind where I am writing long stories about the dull people I am with and make them do crazy things. Not to be rude- but they are much better people when they are in my head. That’s probably why I am bad at judging people because my mental projection of them has done nothing bad to me ever. In my mind they are perfectly angelic when in reality they might just be fugustible (see what i did there?). I have to promote my creation like a good businessman. If I cant sell my own product what is the point?!

These portmanteaus are not new- fugly, frenemy, ginormous, fantabulous, brainiac, fandom, fucktard- to name a few, and yet I am proud of my creation. Primarily the utility of this word lies in how succinctly it portrays how bad a situation is and secondly the connotation is such that it can be used by innocent people who are shy of saying words like chu****, b*******od, bi*** etc etc (some of the more colorful abuses in hindi which are reserved for like epic annoyances)….you get the drift.

So yea….basically spread the word….literally!

Hope you are never in a fugustible situation like me.

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