E Governance

India is changing. The governance has to change with it. The idea of e- governance was a step in the right direction and not a surprise considering the world knows India as the IT nation. We have one of the highest populations in the world of youngsters who are engaged in some or the other form of IT jobs. The whole idea was to inculcate aspects of information communication technology in the day to day activities of the government, making it easier for the governed to get in touch with the governing (not literally though.) We can address so many issues with e- governance such as- create large database of lands, provide identification, birth and death certificates faster, and if things go well allow voters to participate in the affairs/ elections of their state from anywhere in the country. It sounds uber complex to have a national level database but it is really not a quixotic notion. We have the resources, we just need the will.

I can suggest one motivation that is to eliminate the middlemen and get work done without having a ritual round like Mussadilal from Office Office. Wonder what that utopian world would be like?

We should feel encouraged at the plans like Bhoomi in Karnataka that help put up land records up for the benefit of the farmers removing the corruption of land allocation from the system and Gyandoot in Gujarat which makes it easier for the rural population to get access to mandi bhaav or get clearances for raashan cards etc. Another example was the Unique Identification Number. Although marred with controversies and problems the idea behind UID was only to provide a one window clearance and have a one identification for all kind of system.

The problem with e governance has always been protecting the information and bigger the plan, better the protection. With the constant growth in sophistication of hackers the protection has to evolve like a dynamic being. Our present government in the center seems pro technology. We have not seen another PM who has been so adept at the use of social media and technology.

All this talk about e governance it doesn’t seem a very far fetched reality.

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