She is.

The essence of a girl is not hidden beneath her clothes, it is in her heart.

She is not meant for you to judge or violate and she does not ask for a special pedestal.

She is and she wants to be…

Let her live like you do.

You dare not define her virtue by a vaginal tear

And dare not debase her or cast away her away.

She is and she wants to be…

Keep it in my mind that she made you

And remember in your actions that you need her.

You didn’t get a divine right to rule the earth.

You and she are equal halves of the same circle of life.

You are and you will be.

There’s no need of a power play and no need of your poisonous words.

You don’t have to bear the burden of my life’s decisions.

I am and I want to be.

I am a daughter, a wife and a mother

You are a son, a husband and a father.

Why the difference then in accountability?

Why then, do you decide to punish me for my existence?

I am and I will be.


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