“Come here my dear”
She whispered in my ear.
I couldn’t ask why
I couldn’t even try.
She pulled me closer
With an icy grip on my shoulder.
She put her knife around my throat,
She promised to make red,
My big black coat.
I wanted to scream my heart out
in fear,
But I knew there was none to hear.
She left me here to writhe
and bleed
And think about my wicked deed.
I was brutal when I wanted
I lived pretty undaunted.
She was a nothing  on a
useless roadside
I went up to her and took away
her pride
I was so unfettered by her cry
Then I left her there on the
road to die.
Great heavens have mercy for
they sent her back,
To find me alone on this
old track.
I know this numbness means
it’s the end of me
I know I’ll rot forever under
this tree.
I know I should have not
taken her innocence,
For now she’s completed her ….

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