Lonely is the road you take
Lonely are the times
But loneliness is not the enemy
Loneliness will always be your friend
While you may sometimes pull away
You may completely walk away
Loneliness will be there for you
When everyone goes on their own way
Think not about how sad it seems
It really is just a state of mind.
For sometimes lonely is the road you take
And at the end there’s your dream that you’ll find.
I have a theory and be patient to listen
If you can’t be friends with your loneliness
If you can’t share with it  your mental space
You’ll be doomed because sometimes lonely will be the road you take
Don’t be surprised when I tell you this
There’s a hidden side of you that only loneliness knows
This part will make or break you
So you better deal with it before you head down that lonely road
Being alone is not the same
Being lonely is tough and scary
But it’s only in this darkness that you’ll truly see yourself
Breathe deeply and relax
Before the lonely road that you have to take.

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