Cheers to Sucking the Marrow Out of Life

If you’ve seen Dead Poets Society (I have seen it a hundred times, and you should watch it too at least once in your life) the you’ll completely get the reference otherwise it basically means live life to the fullest. There’s nothing worse than wasting your life. It’s not about living long but living thoroughly so that when in that one split second before your life ends that your life flashes past you at the speed of 299,792,458 m/s (that’s the speed of light) your last emotion would be satisfaction. One thing that you need to get straight right away is living to the fullest and living like a bad ass are two different things.

Everyone has expectations to live by and everyone has duties to perform but who said you have to die in the line of duty every day? Take out “me time” everyday and do what you like most, unless you’re a psychopath and your favourite activity is killing people, then I’d ask you to refrain from ever taking out “me time”.  Love what you do and do what you love. You are born and your mitochondria are still generating enough energy to get you past each day. You owe it to you every cell that is working very hard to keep you alive, to live to the fullest. Now, every parent, uncle- aunt and sibling is concerned about you. Agreed that you owe it to them who have kept you fed and brought you in the world to live up to certain expectations. Careful, I deliberately use the word certain. At the end of the day it is your life and you have certain duties to you too. If you feel burdened by things in your life you are living wrong, trust me. The thing about being ___ years old (meaning any age) is that you would cross that bridge only once in your life. You don’t get to be in your twenties again, or go through the awkward teenage phase again, or be the wise old person again in your life. Hence I put so much emphasis on doing what you want right now. Whatever happens, you do not want to wake up fifty years later and think, “Shit. I should have done ___ back then, my life would have been so much better.”

A friend recently pointed out that what people honestly need is to cut out the drama. It will be so much easier if we could all just live simply and in the small moments. Think of life as the pool of Uncle Scrooge’s money, it is all hard earned and it is waiting to be enjoyed. Come on. Just Dive.

Cheers to sucking the marrow out of life.




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