The New Girl in School

“Hey! Who’s the new girl in class?”

“Why does she look so scared?”

“I wonder where this new girl’s from.”

These and many more questions surrounded the little girl with two pony tails, a tiny square back pack and a pearly white ironed new school uniform. She gingerly sat out of everyone’s eyes on the corner row first bench right next to the door as if she was ready to just lurch out the door if this day got any more daunting.

The first day of Class VII B in the new school was intimidating in ways she had never imagined. Having always been a popular kid in the previous school to being a nothing and nobody in the new school was quite a turn of events for the little soul. Earlier she was protected by the elder sister and all her wrong doings were ignored because of the admired sibling. Now, the only thing she wondered with every passing hour and every introduction session with the teachers was that would these countless sessions be ever enough to get her a place in this new world order.

Finally at 10.30 am the bell rang declaring the recess. That was when she saw this place was like her previous school—people running out of classes, laughter and noise around, students sharing food and catching up on events of the day. It seemed familiar and yet it wasn’t the same because she was still sitting alone on that bench. She took out her lunch box; her mom had made some special sandwiches to be shared with the new friends on the first day. Sadly, she picked up a sandwich and took a bite all the while trying not to draw attention to her. Yet there she was, standing with her friend. She had these really long hair tied in a neat pony behind her head. She was staring at the new girl intently and when she caught her eyes, she gestured her to come to over to where she was with the group of girls all looking extremely sure of themselves. Always reluctant to make new friends the new girl looked around to confirm whether the pretty hair girl was calling her. Indeed she was and so she went.

From that moment on they became friends. From that day when they were 12 years old and relaxing in the recess to today, when they are 24 years old, they still giggle and chatter about all the worldly things, they still listen to each other’s tales of crushes and heartbreaks and new love stories and they still don’t go without telling each other about every major or minor life event. They have seen each other evolve into new people and yet they have kept alive in each other that young innocent girl.

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