Boy troubles

The boy I like is a little too nice.

He’s a little to shy and a little too coy.

He gives me butterflies even though It’s not a teenage romance.

He delights me without even trying.

I hold his hand and I feel steady.

I look at his eyes and I see clearly.

He holds me tight and I feel alright.

He takes me up where there are so many clouds.

I float and run and jump at the same time.

It’s ridiculous to even rationalise such thoughts.

Who in their right mind would dream about this.

This is not a high school musical and I’m not Venessa Hudgens.

The good byes are hard and sadly, too frequent.

The pain is real but it probably is also essential.

Nothing wrong with pushing your limits.

You need to test your theories to know for sure.

After all you are not Schrodinger’s cat.

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