Disenchanted Daily Drudge

I woke up today to the smell of bread,
Longing for food to the kitchen I did tread.
What I found was rather disappointing and sad;
For my dear loaf of bread had gone completely bad!
I looked at other options,
Because food was needed for tummy’s satisfaction.
Finally found another item;
Not as filling as bread nor as awesome,
Not as pleasant as salads, pancakes or smoothies and shakes;
But sitting right there was a bowl of cornflakes.
Had it to start begrudgingly the rest of my day,
And couldn’t stop feeling sad about my short-lived holiday.
Creeping inside me was the sorrow of drudgery,
The dullness of my cornflakes was adding to the misery.
How was one to work for a week;
When all I could think of was my weekend by the creek!
Of course I know we can’t rest forever!
But couldn’t we prolong a bit more, that pleasure?
Oh well. please let this abhorrent Monday go
I swear Tuesday will be my show.
But my musings had an abrupt ending,
When I saw the vicious clock dial beckoning.
It was time to brush, shit, shower and dress,
And carry on to my well paying stress.

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