Good life 101

What makes a good life?

Is it fun, food or family?

Is it love, health or salary?

Is it staying up all night and enjoying in bars?

Is it cruising around in the most luxurious cars?

Has no one wondered what makes a good life?

Has it only been my bewilderment?

Surely the sages have tried to explore the conundrum.

Surely they’d know the solution.

Although I doubt their talents in the matter,

For if they have renounced the maya of life altogether.

How would they possibly know anything about a good life?

I came to the earth to be in the moment.

Not sit by the river or mountains or trees and give lessons I’ve never tried out.

I think life is to be loved and lived.

The decisions we take would define a good life.

The work and not the salary,

The depth of love and not the number of years of partnership or partners,

The destinations and not the means.

The sages will be unable to help you.

If you remain so disconnected from yourself!

All you need the answer to is inside your head.

Breathe easy and deeply and think where you want to be.

Then start walking everyday one day at a time you’ll get there!

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