Hitchhiking to Procrastination

Much like the characters of the Disney movie, Inside Out, the giant dome where my brain resides has a control panel and stacks of information. Although unlike the Disney animation where 5 moods govern everyone’s brain, my brain has a single operator who almost constantly behaves like he has just recently woken up from a slumber. Most of the time my brain is working on auto pilot. I hustle through life with the help of a control center aka social order which relays important information to the auto-pilot program ensuring my safety and aliveness. But once in a while the control center goes out of range and it is up to this operator to ensure the workings of my mind. My brain then, I am afraid, has to be manually run.

According to the operator, who I shall now call Walter, living is like moving through a space time continuum where everything is both bound to each other and moving away from each other constantly. There is a semblance of order but a slight disturbance can lead to catastrophic disarray. Similar to travelling in The Space, the obvious consequence of entering such a state is the lack of gravity binding my stacks of ideas and thoughts into one place. In space, anything goes baby! However somewhere deep inside the skull, there is another sleeping co-operator whom I shall call Peter which wakes up once in a while to question the Walter’s methods. This sleepy co-pilot is my conscience/ sub-conscious. In the space time continuum where my brain is floating (attached to my body obviously), there are planets called Netflix, Audible, podcasts, books, movies, restaurants and all sorts of fantastic entities. Then there are, beyond the reach of the eye but detectable through travelling electromagnetic waves, planets and asteroids called hard-work, responsibilities, job. But if one has to actually see the far away planets one has to cross the giant body of Procrastination which is capable of creating bends in the proverbial continuum (Einstein called it Theory of Relativity).

Unlike the planet in The Space (Jupiter and its relatives), the planet of Procrastination is not so bad. It is not a gaseous pit of toxic doom that will obviously make Walter wary of falling in but an attractive haven where best of beings from the planets of books, movies, restaurants, etc. reside awaiting my arrival. The real danger of its gravity is realized after the escape velocity is achieved. But Walter is so lethargic that even the slightest hint of being released from his duties of steering the brain leads to exactly that. There is one thing that works with them however— being doused with high dosage of coffee and guilt.

I have just managed to gulp down a big cup of dark roasted blend. Oh my! The coffee seems to be working. Oh look I see Peter opening his eyes and realizing things have gone too far. Bloody Walter has just spent too many precious travelling hours on Procrastination. And now its Walter’s turn to get kicked by caffeine. Guilt works best if first both of them have had some coffee else it will just dissipate into space and no receivers will relay it to the control room. Once they start getting their act together and they have concluded the need to pull out of the orbit of Procrastination, guilt will guide them over to the exo planets.

Walter, Peter and the being whose brain they manage are perfectly aware that the exo planets are not so bad themselves. The rewards of being there are aplenty…sadly I can’t name any right now. But they are there, for sure….otherwise why would everyone be steering their mental spaceships towards those entities? Hmmm…I think Walter is slipping back to lethargy! No, wait….I know! Outside the bounds of Procrastination lie health, some wealth (depending on destination planet) and the feeling of accomplishment. Procrastination’s pull is so strong that I will never completely get away from it but that is why humans invented coffee breaks.

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