Loving loudly

I believe in loving loudly.

No, not by shouting out their name in the bedroom,

Nor screaming out about my love from top of the hill.

But the kind of loud where when you know you just own it.

Not shyly, subtly and coyly but straightforwardly and honestly.

There’s an immodesty about this brazenness which I thoroughly enjoy.

I have never fallen in love in a pub or a dance club, I only observe from without.

The asses twerking purposefully, like a preparation for a secret mating ritual.

Pelvic thrusts meet the twerking in response, and a big ceremony is initiated.

Such rituals don’t engage me and such short lasted happiness doesn’t entice me.

Although I do feel the debilitating fear of rejection, love generally overpowers the weaknesses.

I have never had a litany of lovers but I have always loved unrequitedly,

Even if it has just lasted for a month or maybe only a week.

Now, I think I have found my match because he’s as indecent and loud about his love for me

And I know in my heart that he is the personification of my desired perfection.

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