The Burden of Happiness

Reblogging this because sometimes you need to acknowledge that you have become a better writer by looking at old posts, and because most of what is written still holds true.

Things that matter [to me]

If I wanted to keep everyone happy, wouldn’t I have to be a large man with a big belly sporting a red suit and white long beard?

Just thinking.

Do you know how many people we meet everyday? I don’t. Although I am sure its a large number. We meet them, talk to them and share our randomest ideas- bonding in the process. That’s nice. No pressure. And then one day you get up to realize that some people are just never going to be happy with you. Whatever you do….whatever you say…..they are simply unimpressed and curse you unrelentingly. What to do in such a situation? Recently I was asked this. I was like hmmmmmm…..

Lets think about it for a second. Lets ponder over what’s really going in here. Mr XYZ is a selfish prick and inconsiderate bastard and somehow he says you are inadequate. Really??? Doesn’t that sound a…

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