Psychology of Love

Haven’t we all heard and read enough about the concept called love— in Shakespeare stories, in Neruda’s poetry and in countless sappy movies? We know the concept exists since man came into existence. Compassion is the fundamental aspect of life. Sometimes it is limited to only the biological responses of arousal and sometimes it may... Continue Reading →

In God We Trust

[DISCLAIMER: My beliefs have no bearing on what follows] When you wake up early morning and look out your window at the sunrise, it doesn’t matter if you see the Hand of God or realize that Earth finished an entire rotation and everything is ready to start afresh. That is one’s belief system or theism.... Continue Reading →

She is.

The essence of a girl is not hidden beneath her clothes, it is in her heart. She is not meant for you to judge or violate and she does not ask for a special pedestal. She is and she wants to be... Let her live like you do. You dare not define her virtue by... Continue Reading →

The Account of a Murderer

It’s a lovely day, isn’t it? Grey, kind of sullen and drab….perfect to plan a little mischief. That’s what I think. I am sitting by the window of my house on the top floor of a tall building, tall enough to make people below look like ants; busy abiding by the norms of the queen.... Continue Reading →

The Offended

We are a strange nation. Just saying. I know it’s more of a FYI thing. We have double standards and hypocrisies so deeply enshrined in our ethos it’s almost like our morning tea and biscuits. We get offended at every single thing. I won’t be surprised if someone got offended at the first line of... Continue Reading →

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