Psychology of Love

Haven’t we all heard and read enough about the concept called love— in Shakespeare stories, in Neruda’s poetry and in countless sappy movies? We know the concept exists since man came into existence. Compassion is the fundamental aspect of life. Sometimes it is limited to only the biological responses of arousal and sometimes it may... Continue Reading →

Religion— an evolving thought process

A constant debate between a theist and an atheist is whether God created man or man created God. This existential crisis for the divine and the divine law is a cause of insecurity in humans and the reason of so many conflicts. Human was afraid of forces of nature and praying evolved as a coping mechanism to... Continue Reading →

The New Girl in School

“Hey! Who’s the new girl in class?” “Why does she look so scared?” “I wonder where this new girl’s from.” These and many more questions surrounded the little girl with two pony tails, a tiny square back pack and a pearly white ironed new school uniform. She gingerly sat out of everyone’s eyes on the... Continue Reading →

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