Change is a pain

I have recently moved to Finland. What a beautiful place! I have moved literally from the equator to the pole. This is a tectonic shift for me and while I am all for change and 'not being in your comfort zone' I am going to be honest and say that I am not enjoying it... Continue Reading →


Lonely is the road you take Lonely are the times But loneliness is not the enemy Loneliness will always be your friend While you may sometimes pull away You may completely walk away Loneliness will be there for you When everyone goes on their own way Think not about how sad it seems It really... Continue Reading →

Mockery in Death

The stroll through the graveyard was a solemn experience But I saw not the tombstones nor did I notice the names. Every moment of the life lived just passed me by All the successes, failures, adventures and thrills. I knew not what meaning existence held Or what was the meaning of moving forth. The silence... Continue Reading →

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