Why Brands Should Stay out of Body Politics

When you peel back all the layers of infantilization that Dove and its marketing progeny have heaped on us, though, you get something that’s pretty simple: A lot of people are genuinely sick of being pushed to feel bad about themselves all the time, and they probably also don’t want to expend the energy required... Continue Reading →

Change is a pain

I have recently moved to Finland. What a beautiful place! I have moved literally from the equator to the pole. This is a tectonic shift for me and while I am all for change and 'not being in your comfort zone' I am going to be honest and say that I am not enjoying it... Continue Reading →

The New Girl in School

“Hey! Who’s the new girl in class?” “Why does she look so scared?” “I wonder where this new girl’s from.” These and many more questions surrounded the little girl with two pony tails, a tiny square back pack and a pearly white ironed new school uniform. She gingerly sat out of everyone’s eyes on the... Continue Reading →

Cheers to Sucking the Marrow Out of Life

If you've seen Dead Poets Society (I have seen it a hundred times, and you should watch it too at least once in your life) the you'll completely get the reference otherwise it basically means live life to the fullest. There's nothing worse than wasting your life. It's not about living long but living thoroughly so that when... Continue Reading →

Virtue of Critical Thinking

No point of opening up a book unless you open yourself to it. At the helm of knowledge lies the ability to think critically—to analyse an issue, to interpret it in light of the presented facts and to draw an inference in your context. It doesn’t matter really, if you have amassed a bunch of... Continue Reading →

When the going gets tough

There was a girl called Kali and she was from a remote village in the western Rajasthan. The heat there is unbearable you know, especially in the peak summer. It is a clear blue sky and a parched earth where each and every particle is moaning in pain. Surviving there is a challenge. But she... Continue Reading →


I went up to her and took away her pride I was so unfettered by her cry Then I left her there on the road to die.

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