When the going gets tough

There was a girl called Kali and she was from a remote village in the western Rajasthan. The heat there is unbearable you know, especially in the peak summer. It is a clear blue sky and a parched earth where each and every particle is moaning in pain. Surviving there is a challenge. But she... Continue Reading →

E Governance

Growth of e governance in India will help in eliminating the real life experience of Mussidilal from Office Office.

Can You Predict the Future?

“Prediction is very difficult especially if it is about the future."

The Offended

We are a strange nation. Just saying. I know it’s more of a FYI thing. We have double standards and hypocrisies so deeply enshrined in our ethos it’s almost like our morning tea and biscuits. We get offended at every single thing. I won’t be surprised if someone got offended at the first line of... Continue Reading →

Road to Clean Future

I thought I'll go for a walk, Do what has been recommended by countless doctors. My environmentalist friends also suggest to cut down emissions and take a cleaner way out. It was shocking to see there was no road to carry me! There was only filth, garbage and fleas. The evidence of growing consumers and... Continue Reading →

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